Xero Add-ons To Streamline Your E-Commerce Business

Xero add on

We love a good Xero add-on. When they work well they can save you time, make your business more efficient and even improve your cash flow. For e-commerce businesses it is all about volume and repetition – so if you can get the software you use to talk with Xero and do the data entry for you this can save you loads of time! So to make your life easy we have listed out favourite Xero add-ons to streamline your e-commerce business:


Pipemonk is a handy xero add-on which integrates Shopify with Xero.

When an order is received in the Shopify store it will automatically create an invoice in Xero. If an order is updated in Shopify this will then be mirrored automatically in Xero.

If you are keeping inventory listings the inventory will be updated in both Shopify and Xero so you know how many items you have remaining of each product line.

Essentially what this add-on does is save hours of manual data entry for an e-commerce business. This is perfect if you are running a Shopify store as a second side business and want to automate as many processes as possible.

The downside to this add-on though is that it’s quite pricey starting at $89 per month. Then again if this will save you 10 hours a month then that may justify the price tag.


A2X connects to Amazon’s API and imports all of your transaction data. It then turns this information into an invoice for each transactions splitting out the sale, tax and shipping costs.

What is impressive about this add-on is that it also is able to identify Amazon fees and create a settlement statement in Xero to reflect these fees.

We have looked at a few other add-ons for Amazon and many of them seem to create a new contact for every sale (which can lead to thousands of unnecessary contacts!) However A2X is clever and doesn’t do this – which we really like.

Even better is the price at only $19 per month.


Rocketspark is very similar to Shopify in that it allows you to easily create an e-commerce website and pay a small fixed monthly fee for the service. The difference between Rocketspark and Shopify however is that it already integrates with Xero.

This means that you are stripping out another level of software and also reducing costs because of instead of needing two pieces of software you only need one!

Rocketspark is relatively new but there is a good selection of templates available. The software will even match colour to your logo to help create your page. If you don’t feel comfortable designing your own site they even offer a design service where they will custom design and build your site.

Standard pricing for the e-commerce site is £16 per month for up to 10 products or £20 per month for up to 400 products.


This is the add-on for you if you are operating a Magento store.

OneSaas creates a sales invoice in Xero once the order is received in the Magento store. However the downside of this add-on is that it will also create a customer in the contacts section. If you have hundreds of sales per day this feature you may find annoying as it may mean that every few months you have to delete hundreds of customers from your contacts.

One of our favourite parts about this add-on is that if you add a new product to your Magento store the product will also be added as an inventory line in Xero – this saves you having to go through Xero and update.

The basic package starts at £19 per month and includes a 7 day free trial.





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