Our History

The idea for Bright Horizon Accountancy was conceived in 2014 – Modern business owners want an accountant and advisor who understands them and their business. We were frustrated with the poor service and out-of-touch nature of a traditional high street accounting firm.

The internet and cloud software has revolutionised the accountancy industry and we felt that we could utilise this technology to deliver a more proactive, modern, consultancy based approach to accountancy.

And so in 2015 Bright Horizon Accountancy was born.

We are the outliers. We do things differently. We don’t wear suits and we do everything we can to provide the best service for your business.

We ensure that we make the most of all the software available to provide quality, relevant and timely advice so that you have the data you need at your finger tips.

We work in the cloud and our use of technology means that you could be anywhere in the UK, or even the world.

This innovative approach to accounting was recognised by long established Kara Accountants Ltd who took us over in 2016 bringing taking advantage of our innovative approach to streamline and power forward their more traditional business model.

Bright Horizon Accountancy’s heart is in sunny Bournemouth but we are currently operating from offices in Southampton whilst we prepare to move to premises back where we want to be.

Our Values

At the core of our business are our values and we believe that a business has a social responsibility, even a unique opportunity to make the world a better place. At Bright Horizon we have a number of initiatives in place to make sure we stick to our values and do our bit.

Paperless Working

In order to be kind to the planet we aim to be as paperless as possible. To do this we will send most forms and information via email, helping to save our lovely trees.

Community Matters

Businesses are at the heart of the community and we want to play our part. You might find us running some events with a local school, taking part in some charity fund raising and doing our bit by helping out in the local community