Want To Grow Your Business? Then Consider Outsourcing


Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular solution used by entrepreneurs to help grow their business quickly. You can utilise companies and freelancers for small one off projects or assignments meaning you don’t need to employ someone to get things done.

These are our reasons why we think outsourcing is fab:

 1) Dedicated expertise

Running a business means you end up doing a bit of everything, HR, accounting, marketing, SEO. What is it you are really good at? Selling? Designing websites? Focus on what you are good at and let the experts focus on what they are good at and I guarantee this will have a positive impact on your business.

 2) Cost effective

Hiring an employee for your marketing or your finances is expensive. For a fraction of the price you can outsource this activity and can receive a whole team of experts working for you.

 3) Time

Outsourcing saves you time in more ways than one. Firstly if you are considering doing a task yourself it takes a lot of time to learn a new skill and even longer to master it.

Secondly if you decided to hire an in-house employee it takes time to recruit and train them before they can start having a positive effect on your business.

 4) Helps to focus your own team

With a start-up or a small business it isn’t uncommon to find a member of staff who has two roles – for example they work in sales but also manages the company Twitter account.

Giving small additional responsibilities to your staff can distract them from their core role in the business and they may not have the necessary skills and experience for the new responsibility you give them

 5) Training

One of the pitfalls of having employees is that on top of paying their salary you also have to maintain their training so ensure that your business keeps pace with the industry.

Well freelancers and outsourcing companies do their own training to ensure they are always on top of their game

  6) Flexibility

If you didn’t get along with a freelancer or the fit wasn’t quite right for your business that is no problem – simply use someone different next time that is a better fit.

Unfortunately if you hire employees this isn’t an option, it’s not so simple to get rid of an employee who isn’t right for your business.

 Reap these benefits

Choosing carefully in the correct outsourcing company or freelancer could make the difference between a huge business success and a business failure. That being said there are so many benefits to this popular business practice that you should consider it the next time you find yourself spending hours reading blogs on SEO or employee contracts.


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