The Power Of Connectivity


Technology opens up so much more freedom than we have ever seen before, from speaking to friends and family overseas, doing your banking and even your accounts from any location at any time of the day.
In today’s world it’s become normal to chat to someone abroad, or even get them to do some freelance work for your business, send a few tweets and do online shopping all in an hour!
This constant connectivity is obviously great for efficiency and makes everything so much easier but with all these positives there are of course a few negatives. All you have to do is glance up from your mobile and notice that everyone has their eyes stuck to the screens of their phones and tablets.

So let’s take a look at the benefits and negatives:

Location and time independent

Running a business often means you don’t work a typical 9-5 schedule. Owning a start-up means you might find yourself working weekends or later at home to help get your business of the ground.
The fact that you can log in to your accounts from anywhere, check out website stats means you can work the hours you need to help your business without being stuck in the office. You can still take that mini break to Cornwall and just spend a few hours working – a win, win situation!

Information at your finger tips

Have you ever had a customer ring you to ask how much they owe, or send you a request for more information.  As a small business owner the ability to respond quickly can be the difference between getting the sale and not.
You no longer have to wait until you reach the office to respond to client queries, schedule a meeting or respond to a complaint. This all improves customer service and has a massive positive impact on your business.

Time & cost benefits

Being connected gives you access to people all over the world. You can hire now freelancers from all over the world which can be cheaper than hiring permanent staff. Not only could that but if you factor in potential time differences your business can literally be working 24-7!
On top of this there are so many little add-on pieces of software you can find these days that you can practically automate every area of your business and this can mount up to some big efficiency savings.

It’s not all plain sailing

With all these benefits there is some drawbacks to contend with. Firstly how many people will check their work emails as soon as they wake up in the morning or are sending emails late into the evening. This permanent connectivity can mean that we never switch off from our work.
Secondly it’s all very distracting, permanently there are people and companies trying to get your attention with tweets, Facebook, phone calls and emails – learn to switch it off at times and you know you have the perfect balance!

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