How To Turn Your Daily Commute Into Productive Time

Time is the most important asset of the business owner and as such by making the most of this asset you can help your business thrive.

How many minutes or hours do you spend each day commuting to the office?  Did you know the average commuting time in the UK is 49 minutes each way – this equates to over 8 hours per week!

Depending on whether you drive, walk or take the train there are valuable ways to make the most of the unused time. 

Take a look at our tips below to become super efficient and watch your business grow.

Listen to a Podcast

These days you can listen to a podcast on virtually anything.  If you run a business listening to a short podcast each day can give you ideas to implement in your own business and helps you to see the big picture.

Once your business is up and running often you get bogged don in the small mundane daily tasks and loose sight of the overall direction – having daily inspiration really can help put you back on track.

We recommend these top business related podcasts:

  • BBC Business Daily
  • Entrepreneur On Fire
  • Tim Ferris Show
  • Start Up
  • Master In Business

Catch up on the accounts

if you get the bus, plane or train to work then this is the perfect time to catch up on a spot of bookkeeping or taking a look at you business performance.

Did you know that you can access Xero even from your phone or tablet by downloading the App?  This saves waiting to the end of the week to spend the afternoon catching up on the accounts.

Be one step ahead

This time can also be used to catch up on emails and phone messages so once you get in the office you can work through your to-do list with a clean inbox and peaceful mind.

We recommend that you download an email add-on that lets you delay sending an email.  This means you could be drafting replies to your emails on the train at 7:30 in the morning but scheduled them to send at 10am. 


You have a busy day ahead of you no doubt – you could use this time to relax and unwind so you have a clear mind to start your day. 

You could spend the precious time reading, listening to relaxing music, or even getting a bit of shut eye – do what you need to do to get to the office focused for the day ahead.

Xero certified Accountant and ICAEW Chartered Accountant

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