Maximise Office Productivity By Getting The Essentials Right

Maximise office productivity

Every business owner wants to increase productivity in their business. I think we see a blog post at least once every few weeks on the best software out there promising to save you time. The thing is, time saving software is great (and we make the most of them at our office) but before delving into software why not consider getting the basics right first?

What computers are you using?

When you think of time saving in the office rarely do you stop and think about your hardware, I’m talking what printers and computers you and your team are using.

How often was it since you last updated your office computers?

Having slow, outdated computers that take 20 minutes to turn on each morning is a huge drain on time that could be better spent on generating revenue and growth for your business. If you calculated the staff cost of time wasted on slow, badly performing computers it would most certainly justify an investment in some some new PC’s.

It may also be worth considering switching to Mac’s, yes the initial cost is higher but they last forever and don’t seem to slow down after a few months.

Think about the computer set up

In our office here we all have two monitors in our computer set up. This little trick again saves us so much time because we don’t have to keep switching between different screens and windows whilst working.

A single monitor costs from about £75, this is a small price to pay and it makes a surprisingly big difference to office productivity!

What about furniture?

productivity stand up desks

If you want your office to be more productive you should be looking at your whole office set-up with a view to ensure the whole set up is working as efficiently as possible.

Another important aspect to consider is the actual desk set up, does it encourage productivity?

Something as simple as moving staff members around can have a positive impact, if you have two especially chatty members of your team sitting together it doesn’t take a genius to figure out this might be a bad idea.

At our office we have just replaced standard desks with sit/stand desks. These are desks that the height can be raised or lowered to the employees preference. Not only can standing at your desk be healthier but it helps create energy which should again have a positive impact on productivity.

Strike the right balance

Building the perfect office environment is about finding the right balance for your business culture and style of working. As you can see there’re so many little tweaks you can be make to improve productivity, individually on there own the impact might be small but overall these changes could generate considerable time saving and increases in productivity which will no doubt flow through to the bottom line.

If you have any clever productivity tricks, we would love to know, so leave a comment or get in contact.

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