How To Get More Value From Your Accountant


Accountancy fees are an overhead right?  As a company director you know that each year you must submit to HMRC and Companies House a set of year end accounts along with a corporation tax return.  As a legal requirement accountancy cost can be treated much in the same way as insurance with the pay as little as possible mentality.

The fact is that by adopting this price mentality you could be missing out on countless opportunities to grow your business by working with a more proactive value generating accountant.

Modern accountants offer so much more than the basic set of accounts and tax return.  With your financial data in the Cloud accountants can access your real time business information and results giving you current and forward looking advice to help you drive your business forward to success.  

We’re now in a data driven world

There seems to be a huge trend at the moment for data tracking,  we can analyse our sleep, calories consumed, sports activities and personal spending all from our smartphones – so why is it when you switch from personal data to business data many business owners still have no idea how their business is currently performing and whether it is meetings its current year forecasts?

Get more value

At Bright Horizon for cost conscious business and start-ups we offer the basic Bronze Package which provides the legally compliant services.  Where we really shine is in taking your financial data and turning into awesome, beautiful information that you can use to structure decision making to help grow your business.

costngs graph

We use Xero which means we can access your real time accounting information to analyse business performance and trends, we can even analyse your Website traffic and time sheets too!  


As accountants we want your business to grow and be successful – if you don’t know where your business is or where it’s going then we suggest you give your accountant a call to see if they can help – as an industry we’re so much more than boring year end accounts!  

It’s time to embrace the data trend and see your business excel!  


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